Get ahead by learning to play the hand your dealt

The Carling Group has extended its long-standing relationship with local football association committing to a decade of support.

You don’t know, what you don’t know – What failure taught me about success

It was only through failure that I learned how to be successful, and my only regret is that I didn’t get in the game and fail faster. I simply didn’t know, what I didn’t know, but failure led me to face that shortcoming.

If you’re going to make money, you’d better understand how the system works

In 1910 six of the World’s wealthiest individuals held a clandestine meeting to draft legislation to form what would become the Federal Reserve System.

Billionaires don’t ‘Netflix & chill’

Let me tell you something, folks. Work-life balance? It’s a complete myth. A complete lie, okay? The most successful people in the world, they don’t have time for that. They don’t have time for balance. They’re too busy winning.

Why is the Spanish healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors a key investment market for The Carling Group?

The Carling Group’s interest in the Spanish healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors has been widely publicised and by working with expert regional partners, the group has identified several business and investment opportunities within the healthcare and pharmaceutical market.

What has happened in the M&A market in the UAE over the past three years?

Dubai has been a hub for corporate acquisitions in recent years. Several notable acquisitions have taken place in the last three years in Dubai, indicating a strong acquisitions market in the city.

Interview: UK in turmoil and the impact on the M&A sector

Speaking from The Carling Group’s Malaga-office, company CEO Graeme Carling offers his insight on the impact of recent turmoil in the UK on M&A activity and the wider investment sector.

Where you work is less important than the impact you have

Where you work is less important than the impact you have argues Carling Group Founder Graeme Carling, as the work from home debate rages on