The Carling Group hold a diverse portfolio of investments across different international markets. From buildings and real estate, to renewables and clean energy, we are always actively seeking new investments in our target sectors. In addition to the sectors outlined below, our criteria dictates opportunities must be profitable, well-managed businesses, with a clear growth-by-acquisition plan, and demonstrable exit route within a three-to-five year period.


We currently hold interests in the healthcare sector, and are actively looking for businesses to acquire an incorporate into our group. Specifically we are looking for businesses operating in the pharmacy, home care, dentistry, and aesthetics sectors. We buy profitable, well-managed businesses, that are operating in the sector, with ambition and potential for growth.


The Carling Group holds investments in the domestic rental and commercial property markets, as well as workforce, student and serviced accommodation. We are currently identifying large accommodation developments for acquisition and welcome contact from sellers directly.


With the rapid advancement of technology, there are many opportunities across the World. The Carling Group are particularly interested in applied AI software, with demonstrable applications across existing sectors. Where established AI systems can create significant value in established industries, The Carling Group have an interest in investing.


The Carling Group currently hold a number of hospitality investments across the Southern Coast of Spain and continue to actively seek new, exciting investment and acquisition opportunities.


What started as a personal interest and corporate social responsibility drive has turned into an investment division for The Carling Group. Sport, in particular football, has presented exciting investment opportunities, which we are delighted to support.

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