News: Carling & Co. Properties Offer 45 New Affordable Housing Options in Dundee

Dundee property development and investment group, Carling & Co. Properties, has acquired 45 one and two bedroom flats in the city which will be rented out as affordable housing. With affordable housing availability at a low in the Tayside area, these new options will have a significant impact on the city’s social housing crisis.

Carling & Co. Properties own and manage rental properties all over the country with many properties in the Dundee and Arbroath area. Husband and wife team, Graeme and Leanne Carling, are committed to providing quality affordable housing for their tenants and are on course to increase their housing portfolio to 1,000 properties within the next five years.

As well as growing their property repertoire, Graeme and Leanne are implementing a business model that will help to alleviate the affordable housing shortage in the Tayside area.

Graeme Carling, Owner and Manager of Carling & Co. Properties, commented:

“We are very aware that there is an affordable housing shortage in many areas of Scotland and we are doing our bit to help improve the situation by providing affordable housing solutions in the Dundee area.

“While we are working to make a return on our investments and run a successful property business, we are committed to servicing the affordable housing market and helping to address the social housing crisis in Scotland. We are looking forward to seeing new tenants move into and reap the benefits of our newly purchased properties.”

With investment high up the agenda during the General Election campaign, Dundee East’s MP and SNP candidate, Stewart Hosie, commented:

“I am delighted that 45 more affordable housing opportunities will now be available in Dundee City. There are many problems faced by people in Scotland looking to access affordable housing. It is particularly difficult for young families, those on low incomes and first time buyers. The work of private companies like Carling & Co. Properties is invaluable in helping to improve the housing situation.

Mr Hosie continued:

“The Scottish Government will continue to provide affordable housing options to the public, but we would like to encourage more companies like Carling & Co. Properties to invest in the affordable housing market to continue to address the social housing problem in Scotland.”

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