Graeme and Leanne Carling Climb for a Cure: The Everest Diaries – Day 6

Day 6 of our Everest Base Camp trek was an acclimatisation day, which meant that we had to spend some time at a higher altitude to help our bodies acclimatise to the lower oxygen levels. We left Debuche early this morning and started trekking up towards a higher altitude. The trek was challenging, but the views were stunning. We could see the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas in the distance, and the valley below us looked like a painting.

As we climbed higher, we started to feel the effects of the altitude. The air was getting thinner, and we had to take slow, steady steps to avoid getting out of breath. We stopped at around 4700 meters, where we stayed for a while to allow our bodies to adjust to the altitude. We drank plenty of water and ate some snacks to keep our energy levels up.

After spending some time at the higher altitude, we started to descend back down to our lodge. The descent was slow and steady, as we didn’t want to put too much pressure on our joints. We took our time and enjoyed the beautiful scenery around us. The town of Debuche was bustling with activity, and we were happy to explore the town and see what it had to offer.

The air was getting colder as we descended, and we could feel the chill in our bones. We were glad to reach our lodge and warm up by the fire. We will spend the afternoon relaxing and taking in the beautiful surroundings. We also had a chance to chat with some of the other trekkers and exchange stories about our experiences so far.

As the evening approaches we are starting to feel a bit more comfortable with the altitude. We feel more energetic and ready for the next leg of our journey. We need a good night’s rest and to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the long trip from Debouce to Lebouce.

Overall, day 6 of our Everest Base Camp trek was a challenging but rewarding experience. We learned a lot about our bodies and how they react to high altitudes. We also got a chance to appreciate the beauty of the Himalayas and the towns that we passed through. We are excited to continue our journey and reach our ultimate goal of reaching Everest Base Camp.

Leanne and Graeme are raising funds for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to support their efforts to find a cure for Type-1 Diabetes. In a bid to raise as much money for the charity as possible, Graeme and Leanne have launched a JustGiving page which can be found here: