The Carling Group is an international family investments office, focussed on driving value by investing in and consolidating, fragmented markets.

We are medium-term equity investors, who make an impact immediately. We invest in and partner with established businesses with growth potential in the healthcare, technology, sport, renewable energy, and real estate sectors, and support the in-house team to realise their potential, with a view to exit the investment within a typical 3-5 year term, having significantly strengthened the business. We are always looking for our next investment and invite leaders looking to grow their business to submit pitch decks and investment prospectuses to us directly.

The Carling Group has a global network of strategic partnerships which help it to pivot, make decisions, and add value quickly. The group is known for its rapid growth and has been involved in deals valued at more than £1billion.

The Carling Group is focused on investing in and consolidating fragmented sectors, internationally. Led by Co-Founders Graeme and Leanne Carling, the highly effective and active board has vast experience in building exceptional growth through a successful buy and build strategy.