Investing in the future of healthcare

We are investing in the future of healthcare, growing a group of complimentary businesses, capable of addressing the changing needs of the population, and completing against the largest multi-national organisations.

As an investment business, we identify and invest in or acquire well-managed, profitable, and ambitious companies. With the added support of our highly experienced board of directors, existing company leaders benefit from expert advice and resource.

All Carling Health subsidiaries are managed through KPI’s and our existing leaders thrive in an environment where they are held accountable, and motivated and supported to achieve their goals.

Supporting our group companies

We support our subsidiaries by providing support in core areas of your business, such as;

  • HR advice and support
  • First-class legal advice
  • IT systems support
  • Marketing for your business
  • Business development support
  • Better procurement processes
  • Compliance advice

Our criteria for acquisition & investment

We’re actively acquiring and investing in successful, well-managed, profitable companies in the health/ pharmacy industry. Whether you’re looking to on-board new equity investors or sell because you’re ready to step away, or want to stay on in your leadership role to grow the company further, these are the criteria we look at when deciding if a business is right for The Carling Group.

If you think your company meets the criteria, contact us today.

Doing a deal with Carling Health

Firstly, let’s be clear: if you approach us we’ll treat your enquiry with the strictest confidence.  Alternatively, if we think your healthcare business is right for the group we might approach you, and at this early stage we’ll have a discussion to be sure we’re a good fit for each other. If your company doesn’t quite fit with what we’re looking for that’s ok, and we’ll quickly let you know that, so you can move on in your journey to find a buyer or investor.

If early conversations show we’re a good fit we’ll move ahead, assessing your business across a range of factors, i.e.

financial situation | management team | risk assessment | due diligence

We’d then be at the stage of agreeing a deal that’s both competitive and realistic in terms of the current market conditions. After that it’s onto the legal part of the process, which can take some time to work through on both sides. When the deal is right, we won’t mess around. We act quickly to bring the right companies into the group.

Ready to talk?

We know that selling the business you’ve built is a once in a lifetime decision, and there’s a lot to consider. We also know how important it is to on-board the right investors, that can support your team grow to the next level.

Carling Health is in full acquisition and investment mode and seeking to bring new healthcare companies on board. If you think you meet the criteria, and want to have a confidential conversation about what a deal might look like, we’d love to talk to you.